Natural Lights Photography is a boutique photographic studio operating Sydney wide. We believe photographing people in locations that have meaning for them and the family adds something extra to the final result. lt's all about love; the love between parents and their children, a couple young or old, between a groom and his new bride on their wedding day and our love for capturing these priceless moments in time and creating a memory that will last forever.         
We truly feel honoured to share in these moments, glances, smiles and stolen touches between a couple, a family or a new born child that make all relationships special and unique. In our unobtrusive way we capture these honest and intimate times before they go by creating unforgettable and stunning memories to cherish and keep as a testament to your love. With your ideas and our expertise we capture real moments, inspired by life, created with passion.
Conceive, Create, Capture

Natural Lights Photography - 
2nd Place Winner ABIA Awards for Wedding Photography 2010
6th Place Winner ABIA Awards for Wedding Videography 2010



DANIELLE: A natural gift for getting people to relax and feel comfortable in front of her camera. Danielle has photographed hundreds of weddings, possessing a natural, candid and fun way of creating images which reflect the couple and who they are. 

Danielle’s passion is capturing the real essence and story of who you are, which is always showcased beautifully in her imagery. Danielle's style is a non-intrusive approach, candid with natural flair and excitement to create a timeless memory of the bride and grooms special day.


Accredited Member AIPP - Accredited Member ABIA - Accredited Member WPPI
2nd Place Winner ABIA Awards for Wedding Photography 2010
6th Place Winner ABIA Awards for Wedding Videography 2010
Telstra Woman's Business Awards Nominee 2011 (Award results Nov 2011)
Shortlisted for Head On Portrait Prize 2011
Winner of 2x Silver Award at Wedding & Portrait Photographers International(WPPI) Awards 2011
Winner of 2x Silver Awards at Australian Professional Photographer Awards(APPA) 2011 Portrait Open
Winner of 2x Silver Awards at International Aperture Awards 2010 Wedding Open
Winner of Bronze Award at International Aperture Awards 2010 Portraits & People
Winner of Silver Award at Australian Professional Photographer Awards(APPA) 2010 Portrait Open
Winner of Silver Award at Wedding & Portrait Photographers International(WPPI) Awards 2010
Winner of Silver Award at Australian Professional Photographer Awards(APPA) 2009 Wedding Photojournalistic
Nominated as one of Capture Magazine Australia's Top Wedding Photographers 2009,2010
Australian Bridal Industry Awards (ABIA) Finalist 2009 & 2010


 Lauren - Sydney Photographer







LAUREN: Has always been interested in the challenge of capturing the emotion of an intimate moment or a breath-taking landscape scene.(Her interest in photography goes back to borrowing old film cameras as an early teenager and has gown and developed from there. (Over more recent years Lauren has grown in skill and ability through both formal training and practical experience. Since connecting with Danielle Steele’s Natural Lights Photography, she have relished the opportunity to focus on wedding photography.

Lauren feels when a bride and groom invite you to capture their big day it is a truly humbling, and rewarding experience. 







VINCE: Received his first camera at the age of 5 and ever since has barely been out of arms reach of one ever since. For Vince, an images true worth is in the emotion that it invokes for not only those that were there, but also those that are viewing the images for the first time.

Capturing memories is what Vince is about and he does this by being an observer rather than a director.While technical skills are important to Vince, they are secondary to accurately capturing moments that will become everlasting reminders of the joy of special occasions.






BRUCE: has been filming weddings since 2004 and editing both his own and other videographers’ footage. The scenes of Preparations, Still Photography and other activities of the day are filmed in a “fly on the wall” fashion. We feel that being as unobtrusive as possible is the key to an accurate record of your day. Our intention is to create a natural, classic and candid approach to your wedding day. 

If at all possible we use natural light, during the day, as it produces the best images. A camera light maybe used at the reception to provide a soft filtered light. This prevents images from becoming grainy and is used only where absolutely necessary. We use  professional HD Cameras, and FINAL CUT PRO STUDIO as our editing suite.

Bruce is also an experienced tutor for Final Cut Pro and has been teaching the software since 2005, and has been using Final Cut Pro for professional editing since 2002.

Bruce has filmed and edited commercial videos from many different industry types. Included are:Promotional events, Seminars, Role playing, Company meetings, Speeches, Talking heads and interviews, Award ceremonies, Demo videos, Exhibitions, Conferences, Public relations material, Employee communication, PR videos, Testimonial videos, Customer relations videos, H.R. videos for induction and Personnel development.







SANDRA: acts as assistant to Bruce in the field as well an invaluable critique of the edited videos. As a team we create emotive yet accurate records of this most special day. 

Sandra operates the second camera which portrays alternative angles to show different aspects of your day. Without the second camera it would be impossible to capture the entrance to the Church showing views of the bride walking down the aisle and the wedding gown from both front and back. Should an elevated choir area be available at the rear of the church our second camera is used to capture the ceremony from above plus the bridal party and guests leaving the church.

During the reception the second camera allows us to capture both the speaker, plus bridal party and guest reactions.