Frequently asked questions

We know that planning a wedding can be a little overwhelming! We have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions, both about our business and wedding planning in general!

Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately how long does it take to receive my images after my wedding? 


Generally speaking, we can have a sneak peek up on the socials for you within 5 days maximum. This is a small snapshot of your day to show off to all your friends and family. Your online gallery with all your images will be active approximately 2-3 weeks after your wedding day. You and all your guests will have access to the gallery.

Designs for albums and other products will take an additional 2 weeks to create and once all final changes are made and approved by you the production generally takes less than a month! 

Can we print our wedding photos ourselves?

Yes, you can. Your wedding photos are delivered in high resolution and are watermark free. After you receive your images are can do whatever you like with them (non-commercial purposes). We do also offer professional printing services, with archival quality and a lifetime guarantee on all our products.

We as humans naturally are more attached to those things we can touch. It enhances every experience. When touching a photograph, your memory of the event is strengthened. Professional albums and prints are the items you will be able to share with kids & grandkids and they will have to share with future generations. Your professional photography deserves better than a Facebook album or USB.

Do I really need two photographers to capture my day?

How does it feel when you walk into a home and see a beautifully framed portrait on the wall? Or when you sit down to flip the pages of an album showcasing all the love and emotion felt by the family. The stories to be told, not only through the images but through the act of sharing and remembering.

The power of touch is amazing. We as humans naturally are more attached to those things we can touch. It enhances every experience. When touching a photograph, your memory of the event is strengthened. Professional albums and prints are made to last a lifetime and even longer. These are the items you will be able to share with kids, grandkids and they will have to share with future generations. Your professional photography deserves better than a Facebook album or USB drive that lives in your junk drawer. Photos are meant to be viewed, so make sure you’re giving those memories a chance to be re-lived.


How important is the timing of the day?

Timing throughout the day is very important to ensure everything happens as it should and there is enough time for everything! During the preparation of the day we like to have an hour for portraits with your wedding party before leaving for the ceremony, this is AFTER all prep such as hair and makeup is finished! After the ceremony its best to have 30mins for hugs and family photos. Location photo usually takes an hour without travel – so if you are wanting multiple locations we need to add in time for travel. Its also always nice to have a 30 min break to relax and freshen up before your reception entrance. Don’t forget about changes in sunset times during the daylight saving months! During winter there is no lingering twilight and it gets dark very quickly!!!

We will, of course, help you with all these details when planning your big day.


Do you travel for weddings? 

Yes, we sure do! We cover weddings from Sydney to the Hunter Valley with no additional travel fee’s. We will travel further as per request.

Is there paperwork involved in booking your services?

All our clients will need to sign a contract that outlines our terms and conditions upon booking our services. Don’t worry, it’s super easy and can all be done online.

Should I bother with an engagement shoot?

Engagement sessions provide a chance for you as a couple to spend some time with us, your photographer, for us all to get to know each other and for you to be relaxed and comfortable. It is a chance for you both to experience what it’s like to be in front of the camera and capture some really beautiful natural portraits together, before the wedding day. Engagement sessions are like a trial run, an opportunity to get all your camera-shy awkwardness out of the way so on the day you forget we are even there. You will be practiced pros at the wedding and know exactly what to expect and how it works. After your engagement session, we will be like old friends and there will be no worried or uncomfortable feelings on the wedding day.

What are online galleries? 

Our beautiful and moderns client galleries are a brand new way to view, share, download and buy your images. Your images are bright, bold and beautiful and we wanted to present them in a way which reflects this. In our unobtrusive way, we capture these honest and intimate times before they go by creating unforgettable and stunning memories to cherish and keep as a testament to your love.

Share your images with all your family and friends. No need to worry about emailing the photos to everyone, you and your guests will have access to the images on our password protected galleries! Share the images to your favourite social networks.

What are your packages? 

We have 3 different packages available and they differ by the amount of time spent shooting on the day. They start at 4 hours and go all the way up to full coverage at 12 hours. All of our packages include an engagement shoot.

Can we see images from our venue? 

Yes! Ask us about our venue and if we have been there previously, we can show you! If we haven’t been there, we will organize a walkthrough to be familiar before your big day.

I am/ my partner is really camera shy, how can you make me feel more comfortable? 

We spend time with you both, getting to know you and becoming more like friends. Our engagement sessions are included with all our packages and this time together allows us both to get to know each other, have a practice run before the big day, be more comfortable with us, and having your photo taken. During these sessions, we spend lots of time talking and relaxing, and we will also give you both some tips and tricks for relaxing in front of the camera. By the wedding day, you will hardly even realize your photo is being taken!  

How much time on the day do we have to dedicate to photos on the day? I don’t want to have to leave all the guests for hours. 

We won’t keep you away from everyone all day! Usually, we spend about an hour out on location capturing images with you and your bridal party. Along with capturing some amazing image, this is the perfect opportunity to take a breath and spend some time just the two of you before heading back to all your guests and the rest of the night.

What happens if the photos don't work out? 

We have multiple cameras and backup equipment with us on the day to ensure this doesn’t happen. We also have duel memory cards that ensure we won’t lose your images. Everything is backed up and saved in multiple locations! We have never failed to deliver images!

What happens if it rains?

 The show will go on! We can work in any kinds of weather. We will work with you and the venue on the day for alternative locations and options if needed. We don’t mind getting a little wet to ensure you still receive the best possible images! Rain, in fact, can make for some super creative options!!  

Can we include our fur babies in the wedding?

Yes, dogs and all animals of all sizes are invited! Just confirm with your venue ahead of time. Ask us for photos we have shot with animals involved! We love your fur babies!!  

Do you have a drone licence?

 Our video team does but please keep in mind that there are restrictions of where and when you can fly a drone. Please confirm with us and your venue first!  

Do you get photos with both the partners before the wedding? 

If time allows us, we will always get images with both the couples, separately with the possibility of doing a first look. Our Diamond Collection offers this level of service. Consider us your third wheel for the day!  

Do you edit/ touch up the photos? 

We work on the day to ensure that we have to do as little retouching as possible. However in some cases it is unavoidable and will, we always keep it very natural looking most of the time you won’t even notice that we have done it.  

How long have you been doing this for and what is your experience? 

Danielle has over 15 years of experience telling visual stories, and Ellen has been sharing weddings with beautiful people for the past 8 years! Together we have photographed over 1500 weddings for our amazing clients! (not to mention all the beautiful babies who come our way after the day!!!). We have experience in many areas and can deal with anything the day decides to throw at as. 

We plan on doing something unique and a little crazy for our day.

We love to join you on all the crazy, unique and wild adventures which you might have planned for your special day. Surprises are good for your guests – but not for us!! Fill u in with all the details and we will work the ways to make this happen for you. Any additional costs required for me to attend will need to be sorted when booking for yourself. 

We don't want to be up-sold massively at the end. So can you please be really upfront with all your fees and charges?

We totally get that! All of our pricing is very simple and transparent, our packages include everything you could want for your wedding day. No up sell’s required. Of course, if anyone wants any additional products after the day there is that option but you will find that most of the essentials are already included in our packages.

What is your style? 

We love to capture natural, spontaneous moments between you and your partner. Our style is bright and airy with an emphasis on a style that will not age over time. We shoot with natural lighting (most of the time) and a modern compositions. We are super relaxed and like to have fun with our being cheesy. 

Do we get all the images and do we own them? 

You get all the very best images from the day to download for your personal use! Feel free to print and share them with all your friends and family! We also retain a copy of everything just in case you lose them. We share copyright of the images after everything has been delivered to you.

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