Having two photographers at your

two photographers

two photographers

1. We can be in two places at once!

During the preparations in the morning, we can capture both you and your partner as you start your day and get ready. It’s so important to be there to tell both sides as you experience nerves, excitement and everything in between! It’s so much about both of you together and having two photographers’ means we can capture both starts to the day. These moments are times you have not experienced yourself but can look back on and share the stories told by each other.

2. You will see different perspectives of all the big moments.

That single moment when you see each other for the first time– with two photographers we can capture both your expressions! This is seriously one of the most beautiful moments of the entire day! Having more than one angle will be the best way to capture both of you throughout vows and rings as well as being able to capture the emotions of your family and friends as well. This holds true for receptions too as the reactions to speeches are priceless and having both sides to these moments really captures the entire day!

3. All the extra special details are captured along with all your extra special people

Looking after a large group of guests at a wedding is a full-on! Everyone is bursting with excitement, love, happiness and often champagne so having a second photographer means one can stay with your guests and family to capture all your moments with them while the other can run around capturing all the little details you have spent hours over in the planning. All these elements deserve the attention of your photographer, which you gave them in planning. Nothing missed this way and you will still have all those images later once the cake is cut and decorations packed away! Not to mention not often do you have a chance to see both your ceremony and reception set up before guests have arrived so it’s priceless being able to look back on those details.

4. Formals and Candids

While your main photographer is busy capturing all the more formal aspects of your wedding day, your second photographer will be able to have the space to capture the natural and candid moments from start to finish. During the ceremony you will have guests as they show emotion, during canapé you will have your guests as they mingle, during the bridal location while couple portraits are being done, your second can have fun with your wedding party and throughout reception your second can be free to move around and capture the more natural party style images which showcase the fun everyone shares. You will end up with a much rounder collection of images from your day from all perspectives and viewpoints.

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Having two photographers at a wedding can provide numerous benefits and advantages. Here are some reasons why it is good to have two photographers at a wedding:

  1. Capturing Different Angles and Perspectives: Having two photographers allows for different angles and perspectives to be captured simultaneously. While one photographer is taking a portrait shot, the other photographer can capture the reactions of the guests or the surroundings. This provides a more comprehensive view of the wedding and captures more moments.

  2. More Coverage: Two photographers can cover more ground and capture more moments. They can be in two different locations at the same time, which ensures that nothing is missed. This is especially important during the ceremony when important moments such as the first kiss or the exchange of rings are happening.

  3. Less Stress: Having two photographers can help reduce the stress on one photographer who might have to run around and try to capture everything. This allows both photographers to work in their areas of expertise, and they can also help each other if needed.

  4. Backup: In case of any unforeseen circumstances such as camera failure, having two photographers ensures that there is a backup. This means that even if one photographer’s equipment fails, the other photographer can continue taking photos.

  5. Variety in Style: With two photographers, couples can get a variety of styles and techniques. Each photographer may have their unique approach to photography, and having two photographers means the couple can choose from a wider range of images.

Overall, having two photographers at a wedding can ensure that no special moment is missed, and couples can have a comprehensive and diverse collection of photos to remember their special day.

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