Giving Something Back- Family Photo Session from The Blue Mountains Bush Fires 2013

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I recently shared a post about tips and tricks for family portraiture. Our cover image was a laughing family with Mum centre stage. This image has received a huge amount of likes and shares on social media and we want to tell you the story behind it. It is a very special image, from a very special session and I wanted to share a little more about it.

A few years ago up in the Blue Mountains, there were terrible bushfires. Every so often the fires come through, but 2013 was the worth in a long time. Whole suburbs were wiped out with residents being given only enough time to save themselves. House was lost, lives destroyed and everything changed.

I’m originally a mountains girl born and bred and so many people I knew had been devastated by these fires. It was heartbreaking. I wanted to do something, help somehow and give what I could to the residents who were now at a loss.

There were drives to organize shelter, food, clothing and homewares for families. These drives were all organized by locals for their communities and did amazingly. But something that no one could replace, were the lost family portraits. No one could bring back those family albums of childhood and weddings, of momentous occasions or loved ones, which have now past.

But – I could help families start building new portraits and family photos. So I offered free family portrait sessions to anyone who had lost their homes in the fires.

Corrine contacted me and we set up a session for her parents to include the kids and parents and start a new family album. It was one of the most fun, uplifting and silliest sessions I have ever (still to this date) had. We all laughed, shared, connected and captured real times for them to keep forever. This is what family photography is all about and why I do what I do. Being able to give something back to these family, made things even more amazing. And since then Corrine and her family have become valued friends! Thank you guys for trusting me to share those moments with you and I always look forward to more time with you all!





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