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Choosing the right invitations and stationery for your wedding can at first be a little daunting. One quick look on Pinterest and you are flooded with all these options and some couples have no idea where to begin! Working with a stationer – aka a graphic designer is a great way to start to help you work out your style and narrow down the options that suit you best. Designers like myself, live and breathe creativity, fonts, colors and even card stocks. We get excited when we can immerse ourselves in a new brief – which is capturing you and your partner’s style. Your invitations and later, stationery and signage are the first glimpse your guests have of your wedding, it ties together your personality and styling of your ceremony reception so it is important to make a statement about your style and what fun is about to unfold on your big day.

Here are my top tips on ordering your wedding stationery and being organized! It also outlines the process from inspiration to posting.

Have a look on Pinterest and make a shortlist of a couple of different styles you like. Narrow it down and try and pinpoint WHY you love those styles. Is it the font? The colours? The graphics and layout? Is it the printing style? Are you obsessed with letterpress or the paper? Also, try and pinpoint how you would adapt those styles to be more ‘you’, how would you change it?. I love invitations so much because they are so personal. Something with meaning to the couple are my favourites because they oose personality. There are so many ‘cookie-cutter’ designs out there on template websites with varying quality – you want to set yourself apart from the others and have something unique to you!

Finding your style:
Chat to your favourite stationer – the one who’s style you just love. By choosing the right experienced designer, you will be confident they will be able to bring your ideas to life the way you imagined. You can drop them an email, send a DM, order a sample pack or book a consultation – they will be dying to hear your ideas and where you get your inspiration from. Send them a few screenshots from Pinterest or even their own Instagram or website! (does not even have to be stationery related) Likewise, if you have no idea where to start – let them guide you to help you narrow down your style. I love this just as much as someone who knows what they want! You can order something completely custom, mix and match from their back catalogue or order something as-is if you just adore it. Be careful though not to copy-cat other designers’ work (that’s not cool) if you are not going direct to them – change it up and use it as inspiration to make it unique to you.

When you are chatting to your designer, give them a feel for you as a couple, what are your interests, what is your style? Are you the chilled, outdoorsy type? Are you really into craft beer and wines? Are you really into the current trends or do you want to be really out there? Tell us who else you have booked for your wedding. Often we can get a feel for your wedding by knowing what kind of styling you are having at your reception, the bridesmaid’s dresses or even the flowers.

Invitations and stationery can really range in pricing, depending on what style you are going for and sometimes how many you need. Foiling, letterpress, and speciality printing styles are higher-end compared to a digital print. (both equally have amazing results) So talk to your stationer about these options as all have their pro’s and con’s. This can help you determine what is important and within budget. Another bonus tip here is to always, always order extras! Everything is printed in bulk, so ordering a couple of extras later on (if you forgot aunty Jill) will mean you have to print at least another 20 – and in some cases, unavailable unless you order the whole lot again.

Your designer will send you a quote and they will usually ask you for a booking fee before they start. Then they will work their magic to create something you will love. They will send you a proof and you often can make a few minor changes. Make sure though that you send all your changes through in one (or minimal) emails. Check all spelling, grammar, and all details many times! (errors can happen even to the best of us) Show your partner and maybe your mum to check the details. It is best to get all changes in with minimal rounds of proofs to save everyone some time and sometimes an extra fee. Another tip is to not show too many people because we all know everyone likes to put their two cents in – make sure it is as you and your partner like – not what your next-door neighbour likes! Now is also the time to order some stamps from Australia Post – they don’t often stock the ‘pretty’ stamps unless you are super lucky so ask to see their catalogue and order now. Check on the Aus Post website or Post Office to see what stamps you need.

Once you are ready for the design to go to print, let them know (in writing) that you absolutely love it, have checked every minor detail and say those words ‘let’s print!’. Send through your guest list and these babies are ready to go!

Depending on what style you are getting for your invites and stationery – the time may vary for print production. So make sure you have allowed time for this plus postage to your guests. The normal time to send invites out is about 3-4 months from your wedding date but some couples like to give a bit more notice than that. Make sure there is some wiggle room in your deadlines too (I know your parents are asking you each day if you have posted them or not!). If you are sending out save the dates 12+ months is a pretty good time to send them.

The other bits:
Once everyone has received their invites, they will start responding and telling you how awesome the invites are! Keep an up to date list of these responses and any dietary requirements they have. Once you are in the week of your rsvp date – start chasing people who have not responded. That way you will have numbers for your venue by the rsvp date and it will save a little pressure! You can then contact your stationery to arrange your seating plan, menus, place cards, and other signage. You may be already in the proofing stage for these but now you can start finalizing.

By staying organized and finding a stationer you love and connect with, you can ensure that you will absolutely love your invitations and stationery and find the whole process really fun and not intimidating at all!

About Wish Boutique Stationery:

Wish Boutique Stationery is a little studio in Newcastle NSW specializing in custom wedding and party invitations, stationery, and signage. Booking Wish Boutique Stationery means you are booking me, Ashleigh! You are safe knowing that you are getting a real person and professional designer (with loads of experience) and not a computer-generated template system that pumps out cookie-cutter designs and generic fonts for everyone. ⁠I have feelings, I can create and most importantly, I will listen to you! Everything is tailor-made – even when you pick from my studio collection – I will tweak it perfectly just for you! I don’t have a flashy shopfront, it is just me, my little man and my pup sipping home-brewed iced tea and working away in my little studio listening to my indie Spotify playlist (and sometimes some Prince!).

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