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Back at the end of April, I spent the three days working at the AIPP Epson NSW/ACT state professional photographer awards in Canberra. This is a volunteer role I take on – not only the awards but the role of NSW president. I have to say – I love it. Being able to work with so many members, help, encourage and bring together community – that’s what’s it’s all about. I worked my butt off over the weekend along with countless other members and we do it because we love it. We believe in members and the AIPP. We share a love for our industry.

So thank you – to every single member who entered, helped, participated, volunteered, celebrated, cried, encouraged, laughed, shared, participated, helped, encouraged, inspired, judged, print handled, helped, bought me a drink, and really anyone who shares this incredible community of ours. I was filled the entire time with this immense gratitude to all members and everyone AIPP and our family. We have something amazing and not everyone gets this – I am extremely grateful to you all. I’m one lucky gal!!! Thank you.

Oh, and I was lucky enough to walk away with a silver distinction for my entry efforts and I had my first proper go at judging this year. That was scarier than waiting for my own scores but I learned an incredible amount and I was able to really help some members earn the awards I believed they deserved. I judge on the documentary category, which is a category I feel very strongly about. The winner for NSW turned out to be a member who needed my help last minute to borrow a print case and get her entries in on time! I am so happy for her and so happy I was able to help get her entries in! Even happier I was able to judge them and I didn’t even know that was her category until she won!!!! It really does give me a warm glow being an AIPP member and especially working on Council and at Awards! I can’t wait for APPA now in August for nationals and NSW again (back in Sydney!) for 2019!!!

~ Danielle




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