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As with every year, 2020 brings about some new and exciting wedding trends! Some of these are expansions on trends which started to rise in 2019 and others are brand new and taking the wedding industry by storm!

Here are the predictions for some 2020 wedding trends for that are likely to take off:


Mis Matched Bridesmaid gowns and colours suits

2020 is all about colour it seems! Mismatched bridesmaids gowns are in trend with brides opting for different colours, shades, tones or styles for each of their bridesmaids. This is going hand in hand with coloured suits- such as an increase in navy, plum, wine and tans/browns. This allows wedding parties to really showcase their personalities and share with the couple instead of wearing a strict uniform appearance, adding to the enjoyment and relaxation of everyone on the day.


Locally grown seasonal flowers

Brides are being more consciously aware of the impact of their wedding day and are now opting for locally grown, seasonal and sustainable flowers. Gone are the days of shipping in specific blooms grown in greenhouses overseas! Now it’s all about keeping things local, fresh and in season!

Speciality neon signs

Neon signs are on the rise with brides wanting to add a special touch to their evening celebrations. This signs can be custom made to suit personal requests but can also be hired in a number of existing designs and colours. They make for a fun and unique addition to any party and guests love them! They work fantastically well for some amazing photography too! (sign by LOVE Glows)

Heirloom and unique rings

Engagement rings and wedding bands are also seeing a change in trends. More and more couples are looking to family heirlooms and unique settings for their rings. Coloured stones, unique settings and older styles are being prized not only for the unique factor but for the connection to family, traditions and carrying something of the past into new lives.

Circle Ceremonies

Couples are starting to celebrate their ceremonies with more involvement of their guests. This includes circle ceremonies. This way, guests are seated and stand closer and all around the couple instead of like an audience unable to take part. With these circle ceremonies, guests often have an integral part to play throughout the ceremony, with group responses, well wishes and connection with everyone present.

Well, there you have it – the latest up and coming wedding trends for  2020! Let us know which is your favourite and why!


Much love,

Ellen and Danielle



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