The Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2020

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Natural Lights Photography | Hunter Valley & Newcastle Wedding Photographers

As with every year, 2020 brings about some new and exciting wedding trends! Some of these are expansions on trends which started to rise in 2019 and others are brand new and taking the wedding industry by storm!

Here are the predictions for some 2020 wedding trends for that are likely to take off:

  • Sustainability

This is a big one with the eco-trend starting in 2019, more and more couples are looking for ways to make their big day completely sustainable. Gone are the days of useless waste and excessive leftover mess. Couples are now conscious of the impact of their one day and are looking at ways to decrease the environmental and ethical impact of the day. Options include going plastic-free, using recycled papers for stationary, finding a catering company who use local and ethical produce, donating excess food to local homeless shelters, organising a charitable donation in place of a wishing well and even sharing with your friends who have been married recently.



  • Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to wedding gowns but this seems to be a real first for the industry! 2020 will see the rise of the two-piece wedding dress after influencers such as  Steph Claire Smith and Stephanie Miller showed off stunning ensembles for their big days. The options here are endless with matching sets or mix-ups between tops and bottoms. Easy too for a quick change later in the evening for reception or an after-party!

  • Fuss Free Hair

Inspired by Megan Markle, this trend is setting brides at ease! Achieving the perfect hair can be a stressful activity but trends now are relaxing and brides are feeling there is space to be free with their hair choices. Simple buns, carefree plaits, styles which represent brides how they are and not how they feel they should for the big day.

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  • Less is More

Growing in popularity already we can see the less is more idea applied to weddings. Hand in hand with sustainability, couples are thinking more about the best ways to showcase the most important parts of their days and are less likely to go overboard in excess. This really highlights the specific details and points to what holds dearest. Minimalist, elegant and detailed.

  • Statement Colours

Couples are looking to statement colours to highlight their décor and venues in 2020. Selecting one overall colour which appeals to their personal style and tastes, brides are seeking to highlight this colour in bold detailed statements. Table runners, full-colour bouquets, shoes, and other details are being used to really bring out the main colour for the day.


Well, there you have it – the latest up and coming wedding trends for  2020!

Let us know which is your favourite and why!

Ellen and Danielle xx



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