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You’ve spent months and months planning, and you’re counting down the final days until your wedding. It’s almost time for the big day! And now all that’s left to do is show up, right? Well, not so fast. Here are 15 things you might want to do the week before your wedding:

1: Test Drive the Full Look

It is likely the week before your big day you will pick up your dress. Of course, you will have your final fitting when you do collect it, but it’s a good idea not to stop with the outfit. Try on everything together – your dress/suits, shoes, jewelry, headpieces, and anything else you plan to wear on the day. This is the perfect opportunity to see everything together and make any last-minute adjustments should you need to. Practice walking down the aisle and sitting down – you want to make sure everything looks perfect and feels comfortable not only while standing still but also for when you move about your day!

2: Break in Your Shoes

This is a big one! Chances are your shows will be new, and even if they are flats after wearing them for 12 or more hours, they may be painful!! Wearing them for a short time every day on different surfaces to wear them in will make a huge difference on the day!

3: Clean Your Ring

Sometimes forgotten, this is a good little job to do just before the day. A professional clean will leave your ring extra sparkly for your wedding day to match the brand-new bling!

4: Clear Your Work To-Do List

Take care of any jobs at work that needs finalising and delegate those tasks which will carry on while you are on your honeymoon. Make sure to set up an out of office auto-reply to your emails and adjust any voice mail on a work phone if you have one. The last thing you want to be thinking of in the lead up (or on the day!) is a forgotten job at work! You want to be truly present on the day!

5: Finalize the Seating Chart

Call any last-minute RSVPs, double-check the final headcount and adjust with the venue if needed and finalise your seating chart. It is likely your seating chart has been something you have been thinking about for weeks leading up, so now is the time to take one last look, confirm everyone has their seat, and hand it over to your venue. Let it be gone from your thoughts, knowing you have ensured everyone will be taken care of.

6: Assign Someone to Grab Gifts and Decorations

Choose a family member or a friend who will be happy to stay at the end of the reception to collect the decorations, gifts/wishing well, and anything else which you have previously dropped off at the venue. You won’t want to have to worry about this on the night. Assigning the task to someone else ensures everything will make it home and be kept safe and sound for you until you are ready.   

7: Organize Wedding Boxes

These are the boxes of items which below to different parts of your wedding day. Such as the bonbonniere, gust book, café knife or toasting glasses for the reception, any additional extras for the ceremony such as gifts for each other, ribbons or special decorations. It’s also a good idea to create a box for each of you for your prep. This can include any thank you gifts for your bridal party, items you may want while getting ready. If you can drop these off to locations beforehand it will mean one less thing to think about on the day!

8: Say Hello to Your In-Laws

With all the hustle and bustle of planning the big day, it can be hard to connect with your family when getting closer. Try to touch base with family and check-in with how they are feeling if they have any questions or offer to help with the last-minute tasks. They can also act as your spoke person to other guests and family beforehand and on the day as well. More than just talking about the wedding, these are the people you are joining the family with, and getting together before the day for a shared meal will give you all a chance to connect and celebrate family.

9: Clean Your Home / Pack Your Bags

Life will surely get a bit messy in the days before your wedding so try to take some time to give your home a good clean. Coming home after your day to a beautifully clean home will be the best feeling. At this point it’s a good idea to pack your bags – both for your honeymoon (if you are leaving right away), for the night before your wedding and of cause your wedding night. Doing this before will mean less stress on the day trying not to forget anything you might need!

10: Pack An “Emergency Kit”

Better to be safe than realise on the day you need emergency bobby pins or wipes!!! You want to think about things like band-aids, a nail file, wipes, cotton tips, hair spray, bobby pins, touch up makeup, pain killers, mints, and a small sewing kit – just in case! A small cosmetics case should be enough to hold these items.

11: Check-in With Your Wedding Party

Both you and your partner should take some time to check in with your Wedding party and any witnesses. A last-minute going over of the order of events, locations for getting ready, ensuring everyone has everything they need. After confirming all the details, it is the perfect time to enjoy each other’s company and know the wedding is all taken care of. These are the people you have asked to join you front and center and reconnecting with each other outside of the stress of the wedding planning will be a fun and relaxing time for you all.

12: Keep up your Self Care

Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep! This can be a very stressful time, and you want to enjoy the day, not be left feeling drained and exhausted even before you get these. It is really important to showdown this week, take care of yourself, accept others’ offers to help finalise any last-minute tasks. Take yourself to an activity that will help you unwind and look after yourself. This applies to both partners – try and remind each other if you notice the other seems a bit more stressed than usual!

13: Write your Partner a Special Note

A really beautiful idea is to write your partner a special note. The day will be so busy you may not have an opportunity for too many quiet moments alone. Take an opportunity to let them know your feelings and everything they mean to you. Leave this special note in a place where they can read it on the morning of your wedding.

14: Spend Some Quality Time with Your Partner 

Don’t forget each other! When lives get busy sometimes the closest relationships can be overlooked without meaning too! Try to remember to take time in your days to be with each other without distractions and spend some beautiful one on one time with each other. Get excited together as the day draws closer.

15: Relax and Breathe!

You have done all there is to do now in the planning and all that is left is to enjoy the day with your partner and loved ones! Give yourself permission to put all the planning aside and know it’s all been taken care of. Remind yourself of the most important aspect – you are marrying your love! Breathe, relax and celebrate each other!


Much love,

Ellen and Danielle



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