Wedding Trends of 2019

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Natural Lights Photography | Hunter Valley & Newcastle Wedding Photographers


2018 saw lots of new trends and the revamp of more traditional aspects of weddings. We saw many more elopements, smaller intimate weddings, a lot more furry friends inclusions, and more single block colours for flowers and decorations.

While some of these trends will continue into 2019, here are some top tips for what is predicted to take off at weddings for the next year:

Flowing Dressing with layers

Inspired by celebrities such as Mandy Moore and Lela Rose, designers are creating gowns, which flow more with your movement and have additional layers of lace and tulle. This is a shift from the more traditional ball gowns or sleek A-lines seen before now.


Outfit Change

2019 will be all about the outfit change! Already we have seen a shift into a more party-ready outfit for the ceremony which allows brides to enjoy the evening in comfort. No more worrying about hitching up the train to dance, or the over the top layers which are hard to breathe in. Once the ceremony and photos are done, it’s a great opportunity to slip into something more comfortable to enjoy your reception in!

Veils are making a comeback!

And not just veils – but statement veils!!!! After the royal wedding with Meghan Markle’s 16ft long veil, brides are trending towards their own statement piece. Long, lacy, worn across the face, tufted up and even coloured veils are all surfacing as a popular fashion item for 2019. 

No more perfect posies

2019 will see bright bold wedding flowers which cascade down or are whimsical in design. No more strictly bound bouquets tightly kept in a circle, these posies will be freer, lighter, more natural in nature. With Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the year being violet, you can expect to see a wide range of bright and vibrant purples along with their compliments to really lift and make a bold statement on the day.


Already towards the end of 2018, there was a trend for more eco-friendly weddings. Couples are choosing to donate leftovers, forgo gifts for donations to charity, ensure invites and other gifts are bio degrader able, and generally more being more aware of the impact a wedding has on the environment.


Different forms of Entertainment

The emergence of games came about in 2018, with many couples adding in fun activates for guests to play during the reception. This has proved popular and a variety of other entertainment options are now emerging. Along with live music and DJ’s, guests are offered magicians, lawn games, circus performers, face painters, crafting tables, live tarot readings, cartoon sketches and more. This trend is growing and it will be interesting to see how many more options emerge in 2019.

Removing the Favours/Bonbonniere

Couples are now moving away from adding these token gifts at reception and instead focusing on making the day the most memorable it can be. It is all about the experience of sharing the day with loved ones rather than worrying about the box of lollies or stubby holder you take home.

Non-Traditional Vows

More and more couples are doing away with formal verses and older traditional vows in favour of creating their own personal vows. This trend has been growing for some time and we can see it continue to develop until it’s the norm to write your own words of love and commitment rather than relying on others written for you.

We hope you find these little snippets interesting and maybe inspiring for the planning of your own wedding!!! What other trends have you noticed while planning? Are you looking at keeping to trend or stepping out into your own ideas?




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