Welcome to the World Baby Talulla

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Many times I have said how fortunate I feel doing what I do. I really mean it – that feeling never changes no matter how many jobs I do. People welcome me into their private spaces, trusting me to dutifully capture the quiet and intimate moments of their lives.

Humbled to be asked again, I visited Amy and her family to celebrate the arrival of the newest family member – Talulla. At only 10 days new, she was tiny, pink and beautiful! I loved sharing the time with her older siblings Maizie and Kohan for cuddles and conversations. The moments shared between these three were priceless. And even more so when Amy sat with them talking with all three of her babies. The love in the room was all encompassing and I couldn’t help be moved myself.

Being in Amy’s home, everyone was relaxed and able to really be themselves. We spent time in surroundings, which are important to them as a family with a focus on the new connections forming between all family members. A lifestyle session, which in years to come will still represent who they are themselves in their life as a growing family.

Thank you, Amy, it was such a pleasure to see you and your family again. I am looking forward to being back in a few weeks for a more extended family session with you all.

– Danielle xxx

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